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Try Something New at Conner Prairie


Don’t go home empty handed. Try a make and take activity for hands-on, creative fun. $5/person

• Make and Take a Basket

2 pm daily; ages 4+

Visit the Loom House and learn simple basket-making skills as you weave a small reed basket.

• BANG! Fire a Flintlock Gun

2:30 pm weekends only; ages 14+

Head to 1863 Civil War Journey to learn how a Civil War–era musket was loaded and fired, according to military protocol. Then fire either a Springfield or Enfield rifle yourself.

• Make and Take a Candle

3 pm on weekdays, ongoing during weekends; ages 4+

Visit the Candle Making Shelter and hand-dip a beeswax candle, the same type of candles once used to light homes in the 19th century.

• Make a Bead Bracelet

3:30 pm daily; ages 4+

Visit Lenape Indian Camp and find out why beads were an important part of the fur trade. Choose from a variety of authentically styled beads as you piece together an attractive bracelet of your very own.    

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